Consulting & Software development

Since 2003 netcorps is providing solution oriented consulting for online ecommerce companies through a strong network of freelancers and technology partners.

We focus on delivering high quality, easy to maintain software solutions. The service portfolio covers the entire process of strategically planning, prototyping, designing, testing and releasing software products that solve our customers business challenges.

We are following a user-centered design approach. Backed by continuous crowdtesting of the applications for functional bugs as well as usability testing in-the-wild. We mix that with professional reviews and concepts by usability experts and pen-testing of the applications by security experts.

Core part of our service is the continuuous support for our applications, covering long-term search engine optimization (SEO), conversion analysis & optimization and ongoing competitor analysis.

If you want to improve your business, contact Alexander Waldmann via phone 0171. or email

Service Portfolio Overview

  • Software development with a focus on ecommerce solution
    • User-centered design approach, RITE (Rapid Iterative Testing and Evaluation)
    • Agile development process allows quickly adapting to changes in your needs
  • Software quality assurance
    • Professional usability reviews (Heuristic Evaluations) and usability tests with actual users
    • Crowd-based software tests for functional bugs
    • Expert & Crowd-based security reviews, manual pen-testing by security experts
  • Development & design to improve existing technical solutions
    • Interface (re-)design to improve user experience and user engagement
    • Tool development on top of your existing solutions